Ibn Taymiyya on Reason and Revelation

No work of the nature of the current study can possibly be accomplished by any
a person without substantial support, both academic and personal, from myriad
quarters. As this book began as a Ph.D. dissertation, I begin by thanking my doctoral supervisor and mentor, Prof. Wael Hallaq, who for many years provided
my direction and guidance and who continues not only to inspire me but to
elicit from me the deepest admiration.I would also like to extend a special word
of gratitude to Prof. Robert Wisnovsky, who agreed to serve as a co-supervisor
during the last stages of my doctoral work and who provided me with direction
and advice on the development of the manuscript thereafter. I also record a
word of debt to the late Shahab Ahmed for his friendship and collegiality over
one and a half decades, for granting me generously of his time on numerous
occasions, and for allowing me to audit his course “The Life and Times of Ibn
Taymiyya” at Harvard University in fall 2005.

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